What is a Process Server?

Process Server: A person who serves legal papers. Service of process generally refers to the process in which an outside party, usually a lawyer, gives notice of legal action to the other party, court, or other entity in an attempt to exercise jurisdiction over a debtor. Process serving is a routine activity and often occurs without warning, as paper documents are often neglected and thrown away. Often, documents that need to be served are not returned because they are lost or misplaced. In this situation, the service of process is very important to ensure proper return of documents. Process Server courtrunner.ca.

What is a Process Server?

The role of a Process Server is almost always associated with some type of legal proceeding. Examples include depositions, administrative proceedings (such as cease and desist orders, notices of default, notices of extensions), tax matters, and real estate transactions. Process servers generally receive legal papers when they are directed by a law firm or private individual. They then proceed to deliver the paperwork to the appropriate parties. In many instances, the papers are served directly on the person who is responsible for the debt, while other times the papers are delivered to the place where the debtor may be located.

In the case of a personal injury case, the role of the process server is to collect monetary evidence from a liable party and deliver it to the injured party. Process Server jobs also extend to contract disputes, wherein an agency locates, retains, and returns signed documents from a prospective contractor. When serving civil and criminal proceedings, Process Servers play a key role in helping to preserve evidence and collect financial data. This information can be used later in a court of law or to pursue a claim against a defendant, if it is found that they are financially responsible for an accident or injury that was caused by their conduct.

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