How Do Biodegradable Bags Work?

biodegradable bag

Biodegradable bags, also known as eco-bags, air bags, which are able to be decomposed by natural microorganisms or other living things. In fact, a bag made out of 100% recyclable material like vegetable oil can be quite useful because it can absorb and store carbon dioxide as well as the waste gases of a vehicle for a very long time. The kind of biodegradable material that most bags are made from is polypropylene, but there are some alternatives to this particular material too. For example, some bags made out of nylon can also decompose and store carbon dioxide.


One of the problems with biodegradable bag is that they can easily degrade with the passing of time. At first, it can take a couple of years for a bag to degrade; however, if the bag is made out of a high quality material like cotton then you can expect it to degrade in a matter of months or even weeks. You may be wondering how does a biodegradable bag start degrading and how can you use it to your advantage. To tell you the best way, let us see what happens when you take a bag, open it up and look at what’s inside:


You may have thought that a bag will stay clean for a very long time if you just throw it away, but we’re not talking about ordinary garbage. Most biodegradable bags do not degrade in this way because they are made out of a special kind of fabric which allows microorganisms within the bag to decompose the materials inside over a period of three months. As the microorganisms work, you will notice that the bag starts to smell slightly like compost. When it does, you can be sure that the bag is ready to be recycled and you can just throw it away in an appropriate place like your local supermarket or your garden shed.

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