Pure New Zealand Honey – The Secret Ingredient You Need to Know

Pure new zealand honey

If you love New Zealand, or you’re planning a vacation there, it’s important to make the most of your stay and sample some of the pure New Zealand honey. This is one of the world’s greatest exporters of natural honey, and its pure white honey is unlike anything else on earth. It’s also one of the most expensive – sometimes in excess of $20 a pound – so you’ll want to take advantage of every last drop. Below are some of the key details you should know about New Zealand honey and its production:


A key detail to note about this type of honey is that it contains no antibacterial compounds, which makes it particularly unique. New Zealand honey is cultivated by bees that have been selected for their ability to produce large colonies of bees with strong protective hives. That means that the bees are able to produce large amounts of honey without needing to use chemicals to protect them from the elements or other predators. While there are no known bad effects from consuming New Zealand honey, there are known good effects. New Zealand honey contains significant quantities of antioxidants and other healthful ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


In addition to antibacterial and antifungal properties, New Zealand honey has been proven to have many other beneficial characteristics. In addition to being one of the most powerful and flavorful varieties of honey, it is also one of the purest available. You can taste the purity of New Zealand honey straight from the source, without worrying about adding any extra flavors or colors. With all of these unique features, New Zealand honey makes a wonderful gift, a healthy snack, or even a powerful healing ingredient.

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