Book Review: Sobha Attibele

In a fast-paced adventure, written in a ravishing way, “Sobha Attibele” is the first part of a masterpiece by Tarun Tahiliani. The main character of this story is a middle-aged woman called Sobia who lives in a small village called Malabar. She has a brother and a sister-one of them is an engineer while the other is a doctor. It is her brother, who has a daughter called Nida by his second wife.

Three Quick Ways To Learn Sobha Attibele

The story starts with Sobha Attibele is growing up in a conservative family that tries to mould her into a perfect feminine ideal. This is a very delicate process as her feminine ideals clash with the more conservative nature of the villagers which leaves her confused about her own identity. Her sister decides to marry a prosperous businessman of their village and live a prosperous life while the engineer begins his studies for a degree in electronics. As things stand there is tension between the two as Nida tries to impose certain values on her sister but Sobia stubbornly refuses to bow down. It is in this environment that she meets a mysterious man called Nida’s younger brother Gopal who is equally perplexed about his gender and identity.

Sobha Attibele has managed to depict a female character who doesn’t fit into the ready made conventions of Indian society. She has managed to create a unique role model for women across the country. For all the negativity about female characters in the recent past, this book has managed to create a hero in the form of Nida who is not defined by her gender but by her humane understanding and sense of duty. The novel stands out as one of the best books in India written by any writer in the current century.