Interior Photography Tips

interior photographer

The best skill that an interior photographer could ever learn to master would be manipulating light. This may sound difficult to achieve, but it really isn’t. You don’t have to use a flash, you don’t need to hold your breath, and you don’t have to do anything but stand still and expose for a few seconds. Just by looking at the surroundings, adjusting the lighting, and focusing on what you see will give you the best lighting results possible for your photos.

How to Become an Interior Photographer

The first thing you’ll need to learn as an interior photographer is how to control the exposure of your subjects. This goes hand-in-hand with photographing spaces: because you won’t be able to expose your subject completely, you’ll need to compensate by over-expending in other areas. This means that you shouldn’t slow down your shutter speed and instead look with deliberate intent, aiming to capture the entire scene before taking your camera out.

The second thing you’ll need to learn as an interior photographer is how to manipulate color. Color is something that photographers often overlook, but the wrong use of color can ruin your pictures completely. Color in interior photography is very tricky: if you overexpose a color or pull a color off, you’re basically defeating the purpose of the shot. Look for new angles or ways to frame a subject so that you’re not pulling color off the walls. These are just two tips to make photography as fun as possible, and to increase your chances of making beautiful interior photography pieces.