Warehouse Flooring Solutions

Choosing the right warehouse flooring can mean the difference between a productive and unproductive warehouse. Most businesses invest a lot of money into their facilities, and the flooring is an important part of every business’ daily operations. It is therefore important that businesses choose the appropriate flooring materials which are suitable for their specific needs and budgets. When considering the best available commercial flooring material, epoxy and concrete often come to mind. While they may be cheap and long lasting, the problem with untreated concrete is the porosity. Read more

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Epoxy and concrete floorings are not suitable for heavy traffic or for warehouses with heavy machinery or products. These floors are also not recommended for use in industrial buildings or near flammable objects. If you are planning to remodel your warehouse and are looking for a high performing flooring solution, epoxy and concrete floors may not be the best choice.

A high performing flooring solution includes a combination of stain resistant and stain proof features. One such feature is a natural finish with minimal stains and spills. The second feature to look for is a durable finish and excellent slip resistance. A durable finish that includes natural polymers and high heat fusing finishes will give you a floor that is slip resistant and lasts for a very long time. The third feature to look for when purchasing a high performance, durable, and low maintenance flooring system is a natural epoxy or composite flooring system with a low moisture absorption capability.