The Konica Minolta Accuriopress C 140000 Massage Chair

The Konica Minolta Accuriopress C 140000 Massage Chair

The Konica Minolta Accuriopress c 1400 FTG Konica is a reclining massage chair with advanced technologies. It is very comfortable for long periods of time because of its heated seat cushion. It has an incredible motor with forward and backward drive and contains three massage therapies which include a body foam roller, foot massager, and handheld veneers. The chair has a full body massage setting, low heat setting, and a head massage setting.


The Accuriopress c 1400 offers an easy-to-use interface control that offers speed dialing of speeds. It is compatible with a Microsoft Windows environment. The konica minolta accuriopress c 140000 is equipped with a wireless remote control. It has an in-built memory where it can save user information. Other functions and features of the konica minolta accuriopress c 140000 are auto date function, touch pad, phone dialing, audio speaker, auto shut off, sleep timer, temperature control, lighted keys, power saving modes, and 10-hour battery life.


Many online stores offer the Konica minolta accuriopress c 140000 at discounted prices. Some websites also provide free shipping and free returns if the customers find the chair satisfactory for their massage needs. Some sites also provides warranty for the massage chairs that are above a certain price range.

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