Polished Concrete Floor

polished concrete floor

The polished concrete floor has many benefits over alternative flooring choices. Concrete floors is extremely durable, extremely easy to clean, and difficult to damage. Pets cannot scratch it, children can’t spill drinks on it, toys can’t dent it, and it can pretty much last forever. Properly sealed and properly maintained, it will last for years.

How To Achieve A Beautiful Finish

There are several different ways to seal and maintain a polished concrete floor. If your concrete is new, or old, you may be tempted to use the mechanical polish method. This process involves using a chemical to protect the surface from scratches and bumps. Mechanical polishes dry very quickly, leaving a thin film of the protective chemical on the surface. These chemical polishes are not recommended for used on older floors that have been waxed or polished more than once.

In order to create a polished finish on older concrete floors, you can use an acid-based chemical polish. This type of chemical will cause the surface to become dry and crack. Acid-based chemicals are no longer used in modern concrete polishing process. If you are still considering using the mechanical polish process, check your state standards to make sure that your concrete floors meet minimum guideline requirements.

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