How Many BTU Does Your Concord HVAC Air Conditioning System Have?

How Many BTU Does Your Concord HVAC Air Conditioning System Have?

If you want to know how many BTU your Concord HVAC air conditioning heating and air repair HVAC system has, the model number of the unit should be easy to locate. The model number is normally divisible by six or twelve and represents the nominal BTU. One ton of air conditioning has approximately 12,000 BTU. For example, a model number 4HP16LT48P will cool four tones. An AC14L18P will cool a 1.5-ton room.

In addition to their extensive product line, Concord offers great customer service. The Concord HVAC Buyer’s Guide is full of useful information. Additionally, dealers offer warranties and excellent customer service. These benefits can make it easy to choose the right system for your home. This will allow you to save on the installation and maintenance costs. The Concord brand has been offering efficient, reliable products for decades. If you are interested in a Concord HVAC product, you can contact a local dealer in your area.

Integrity Air Concord is a locally-owned and operated company that offers heating and air conditioning solutions throughout the Concord area. Integrity Air Concord has technicians that specialize in commercial and residential HVAC. They are also EPA and Rheem certified and can service any brand of air conditioner. In addition to offering installation services, Integrity Air also provides annual maintenance service to keep your equipment running smoothly. A Concord HVAC company can install a commercial rooftop air conditioning unit, heat pump, ventilation, exhaust fans, and air filtration systems.

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