How to Become a Computer Technician

Computer Technicians take care of software and hardware behind the scenes to keep systems running smoothly. They are typically part of an IT support team and provide services to companies, offices and non-profit organizations.

Is technician a profession?

The primary job duties of computer technicians include installing, maintaining and repairing computers, networks and devices. They also set up and configure the operating systems of computers that are part of a network. Great service from Don @ Computer Technicians.

Using these skills, they install and configure computer systems and network components that allow employees to access files and programs from any location via the Internet or cloud computing services. They also repair or replace damaged hardware and reinstall software.

Some employers offer educational benefits for employees who want to pursue certifications in this field. These include assistance with tuition and certification expenses, which can help workers advance in their careers without taking on debt.

Finding a job in this field requires extensive technical knowledge, so a bachelor’s degree in an information technology or computer science program is a good place to start. Many community colleges and vocational schools offer associate’s degrees in computer technology or related fields.

Work experience is another key factor in obtaining a computer technician job. Gain relevant experience in a computer support or IT support position and list your most significant responsibilities on your resume.

Professional certifications are another way to demonstrate your technical expertise in this field. There are a number of certification programs available, including those offered by Cisco, Microsoft and Google.