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How to Modify and Improve Performance Diesel Engines - Americas Library

How to Modify and Improve Performance Diesel Engines

Diesel performance is more Willys Workshop than ever before. With the increasing popularity of truck and tractor pulling and drag racing, these high-torque engines are capturing attention and setting records in all kinds of events. This kind of interest in diesels is fueling a need for more horsepower, and the aftermarket industry has responded with all kinds of diesel performance products.

Upgrading diesel performance parts like air intake, exhaust and fuel injection can increase power output while maintaining or improving fuel economy. Unlike gasoline vehicles, which must meet strict federal emissions standards, diesels can be modified much more easily without losing everyday drive-ability. With the addition of a tuner, a cold air intake, a high-flow exhaust system, and efficient diesel injectors, these trucks can produce tremendous power.

Hauling Power: Diesel Performance Upgrades for Trucks and Haulers

Cams are another diesel engine modification that can be used to improve performance. When selecting the best cam for a customer’s application, it is important to talk with them and find out what they will be using their vehicle for. Doing this will help ensure that the cam grind you choose is right for them, and will not cause issues like “chirping,” which happens when the boost pressure drops too quickly.

Many diesel enthusiasts use their vehicles for racing, and often need to modify them even more in order to compete. This can put extra stress on the engine. In this case, a shop can help protect the engine by installing a racing oil with ZDDP (Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate). This additive reduces the friction and wear on critical components in a high-rpm application and will help extend their life.

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