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October 4, 2023 - Americas Library

Proper Play Area Flooring Maintenance

play area flooring maintenance

Spending time on the play area flooring maintenance is one of the most cherished childhood memories, but it can also be dangerous for kids if the wrong type of flooring is used. Injuries from falling off equipment can cause broken bones, concussions, and even serious head trauma if the impact occurs against the head. Properly designed and installed playground surfaces will minimize these risks, but proper maintenance is also essential.

Nursery wet pour maintenance involves routine cleaning and inspections to identify damage or tripping hazards on the surface. These materials can be swept or washed with water to remove contaminants that may interfere with the porosity of the material, and this will keep it looking like new. Routine inspections will also help you spot any areas of wear that need to be repaired. These usually happen in high traffic areas, such as underneath playground swings or on the perimeter of merry-go-rounds.

Playground Flooring Maintenance: Common Issues and Solutions

When it comes to removing snow or ice from these playground surfaces, it is important to use proper tools and techniques. Metal shovels and scrapers should never be used on these materials, as they can damage or deteriorate the rubber and cause it to crack or break down over time. Chemical de-icers are also not recommended, as these can contain ingredients that can harm or stain the rubber.

Unlike engineered wood fiber and loose-fill options, rubber tiles are fairly low-maintenance. Using a broom or a vacuum cleaner is all that is needed to clear away dry debris from the surface, but if more thorough cleaning is necessary, you can simply spray the rubber tiles with water to clean them. In addition, a regular sweeping of the entire surface with a broom will ensure that all foreign materials are removed.